E-Cigarettes No Smoke and No Danger

An electronic cigarette or electronic nicotine delivery system can be considered as a vaporizer powered by battery that provides a smoker the feeling of tobacco smoking. It helps to produce a mist instead of smoking cigarette. The fact is that an e-cigarette contains of a liquid solution which termed as e-liquid which gets vaporized with a heating element. Consequently a smoker gets the flavour of smoking. In general this e-liquid comprises of glycerin, propylene glycol, flavorings and nicotine.
If you start to find out the origin of e-cigarette then the name of China will come in the picture as China first developed e-cigarette and it was introduced in the market of America in the year of 2007.
How E-cigarette works:
Though you can avail different patterns of e-cigarette in the market, all consist of same mechanism. An e-cigarette must include a battery, a heater and a cartridge filled with either nicotine or flavourings. As the smoker puffs on the end of an e-cigarette, there causes a vacuum and hence the battery gets charged up to heat the liquid and creates vapor. This vapor flows in the vacuum and inhaled by the smoker which finally goes into its destination that is lungs of the smoker.
Most e-cigarettes look just alike normal cigarettes as well as they are used like original cigarettes. But it has to be mentioned that you need not to worry if you have misplaced your lighter or match box before inhaling e-cigarette because there is nothing to lighten up while you are inhaling e-cigarette. In some e-cigarette devices you may observe a LED tip that will shine either in red or in any other colour depending on the product that you are using. E-cigarette liquid can be made out of both VG and PG with VG e liquid being more suitable for those with allergies.
USB chargers:
Now-a-days considering the emerging market of e-cigarette, the manufacturers have decided to sell e-cigarette with USB chargers including in their package. As e-cigarette is a battery powered device, you can re-use it by charging the battery within it with the provided USB charger or car chargers. On the other hand you have to refill the liquid or need to change the cartridge to reuse your e-cigarette device.
Smokers can shift to e-cigarette in order to save money:
E-cigarette habit seems to be cheaper than smoking the original cigarette. You may avail e-cigarette in a variety of shapes and sizes in the market which are not at all expensive in comparison to original cigarette smoking. Depending on the model, manufacturer, style of the e-cigarette, you may avail a starter kit which will include the main e-cigarette device, the battery to charge it up, and several cartridges for refilling the device. This full kit may cost from $30 to $100. To save more you can acquire the liquid which you need to pour in the cartridge in bulk and use it by yourself.
E-cigarettes can be smoked out in some workplaces:
As e-cigarette is considered as a smoke free product and there is little regulations regarding e-cigarette you can make use of e-cigarette in some workplaces. E-cigarette is a smokeless tobacco product and hence it has been assumed that e-cigarette has no health risks.
Though in some countries like Canada, Australia, Mexico, Israel and some cities of U.S. like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, e-cigarettes are not allowed in workplaces. Use of e-cigarette is restricted in “vaping” lounges or within the stores from where you have bought that particular device.
Alternative to quit cigarette smoking:
E-cigarette has gained its popularity in order to quit cigarette smoking. Many people have shifted themselves to the e-cigarette device from original cigarette smoking. Cigarette contains tobacco which is highly harmful for every human being, whereas e-cigarette is a tobacco free product and hence not harmful to you as well as other persons who are in surroundings of you. As the smokers get the same feeling of cigarette smoking with the device of e-cigarette, they try to quit smoking with the help of it.
Popularity of e-cigarette:
The use of e-cigarette has gained its market rapidly. In the field of American high school students, the use of e-cigarette has increased up to 10%. Similarly in UK it has increased from 700,000 in 2012 to 2.1 million in 2013. Due to its unique feature people are more clinched to it rather than smoking normal or traditional or original cigarette.
Hence it can be concluded that being a tobacco free as well smokeless product it has widely flourished its market all over the world.